Samsung Vision Lab

Samsung is devoted to redefining the possibilities of mobile communications through innovative technology and ideas. The world’s first SAMSUNG VISION LAB opened in Commune A7, with the attempt to break away from tradition and explore new limits. This promo video was designed to elevate and communicate the idea of “Exploring life through different angle.”

Concept Development & Styleframes

In this promo video, Whitelight Motion fetched the original logotype design and further expand it into four different kinds of VISIONs through storytelling in motion graphics. The idea is to portrait different innovative lifestyles derived from the development of technology as well as reveal different angles of seeing the world.
The circle in the middle of Logo symbolize the eye of human beings'. Evolve from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions, the logo formed into different variation as the storyline going and challenge the boundary between different lifestyles. In the end, the visual identity becomes the Samsung Galaxy mobile and the 360-degree camera, symbolize the breakthrough of perceiving the world with these innovative products.

Director: Rex Hon
Concept: Yu-Heng Lin, Wen-Chi Huang
Styleframe:Wen-Chi Huang, Yu-Heng Lin
Motion Design : Chi Chen
Editing & Compositing :Rex Hon
Music & Sound Design Production:WinSound Studio
Music & Sound Design:Lin, Hsiao-Chin,  Lin, Szu-Yu
Scoring Mixer:Lin, Hsiao-Chin

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